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Business centre AVKO
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Offices for sale or rent
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Commercial Property

Business centre AVKO offers to its visitors and tenants the complete package of services and utilities necessary for the pursue of an efficient business activity.
Among the services and utilities are:

Business Centre AVKO


Russe, Russe Municipality, 350 km north-east of Sofia, 70 km away from Bucharest, Romania, app. 0 km away from the port of Russe, 0.2 km away from the industrial railway station, app. 7 km away from Russe Free Zone


Location within the city:

Bul. Lipnik 135 – the end of the south-east part of the main boulevard connecting the city centre with the road to Bucharest and the border with Romania – the only bridge along the river Danube. On the same road, in close proximity, are the 2 biggest producers of paint in Bulgaria – Orgahim and Megahim, across the road the neighbour is a press house – Danube Press.


8 400 sq m land (including built up area), 6419 sq. m. spread out built-up area – 3 blocks (A, B and C):


Business offices – comparable to class A , Hotel, Restaurant, Spa, Shop

Drawings and pictures are available upon request.

More information about Business Centre AVKO

AVKO Business centre is situated along the longest boulevard in the city of Russe - Lipnik Blvd., at about 3000 m eastwards from Ruse city centre.

The location of the complex provides quick and easy access to the main highroad Sofia-Russe-Bucharest. The access is permitted not only for cars but also for heavy trucks. In close proximity are located "Iztok" Bus station, RW station, Regional Customs Dept. and more than 20 manufacturing and trade enterprises. The border point of the only bridge over the Danube for Bulgaria is 5 km from AVKO, and the distance to Bucharest and its airport is 66 km. The International Free Zone is only 7 km away.

The Complex is situated upon area of 8000 sq. m., as the built-up area is 1263 sq. m. and the whole spread-out area is 6419 sq. m. It consists of three bodies. From left to right, as shown in the picture: Block A - three-floor, Block B - in the middle, 7-floor and Block C - three-floor (See the link above).

The building has monolithic reinforced concrete construction - foundation plate, beamless reinforced concrete slabs, vertical columns and washers. The facade walls are ceramic (bricks) with increased thickness for better heat-isolation and with additional isolation of all concrete walls.

All window frames are of aluminium thermo - profiles and glass-packets. The upper lighting of Block B is made of special triplex glass-packets.

The building has central heating and thermo - pump installation for cooling and heating during the transition of seasons.

All the premises are provided with fire signalling and security system. The signalling installation is performed on a display. It registers each violation and sends a voice signal to the security staff on duty.

The complex disposes of a digital telephone exchange and a telephone cable, providing reliable connection to any part of the world.

The building has most advanced lightning protection- type Prevectron of the French Company Indelec.

What is inside:

The larger part of facade of the complex is in green and black granite, which gives the building an imposing look.

The middle body (Block B) has hanging glassed facade, made of aluminium and glass. The main entrance of the complex is in Block B. It is made of black granite and glass. Passing through it one finds himself into a spacious and cosy lobby. If one looks up he will see the sky, since the whole B body is open space and the roof is glassed. From the zero floor, where the underground garage is located up to the seventh floor goes a glassed panorama lift. The staircase and the floor slabs are covered with granite.

On the second and third floor there are conference meeting halls and offices. The rest of the floors are meant only for offices, and the last floor of block B there is meant to be a winter garden.

In Block A is situated a shop on two levels with a separate entrance. The second and the third floors consist of offices, which are provided with a separate entrance with a video-intercom. Here is also the recreation centre.

Block B has a separate entrance to the north side, leading to the guest part, located on the second and third floor.

The underground garage is located to the same part of the entrance. There is a cosy corner for relaxation relax, located at the roof terrace.

The above mentioned commercial are (shop) is suitable for a big company shop or it can be divided into separate sectors.

The inside staircase connects the two levels. It is offered in finished condition: flooring - granite, walls with plaster putting, followed by painting, air-condition and ventilation, hanging ceilings.


More information

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