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STYLIA is the division responsible for selecting and recommending suitable property sites in line with the foreign investor's needs. Another main activity is the delivery of services to clients with an array of real estate. The latter are usually public or private organizations in need of efficient property management mostly looking for investors or buyers of their real estate.

The goals of the division are to sift and connect the right partners among its four main client groups: municipalities, foreign investors, Bulgarian entrepreneurs, and real estate agencies and consultants.

Offices and Store Premises » Business Centre AVKO

Business center Avko - Offices and Store Premises Business centre AVKO offers to its visitors and tenants the complete package of services and utilities necessary for the pursue of an efficient business activity. Among the services and utilities are: hotel, restaurant, spa, gym and swimming pool, conference halls, catering, bank service, lobby bar, storage premises and... read more

Industrial Properties » Real Estate For Sale Or Rent

Real Estate for Sale Factory in Sevlievo: Factory for industrial insulations, 178 km north-east of Sofia, next to Vidima (American Standard)...
Factory in Tsar Kaloyan: Factory for thermoregulators (Russe Municipality) 350 km north-east of Sofia, 75 km away from Bucharest, Romania...
Property in Vetovo... read more

Residential Properties » Satellite Village St. Anna

Settlement Saint Anna Traditional Bulgarian houses, located 15 km away from downtown Russe, on a southern slope with a wonderful view to the mirror surface of the Lipnik Park lake and the surrounding forests. The plot is located on a hill overlooking the lake of Nikolovo and the forests of the National Park Lipnik. Buildings of certain size would... read more